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New York

Verizon Wireless 5G Cell Site Attachment Solutions

TRC is currently working on over 470 field assessment sites in National Grid’s New York territory to help Verizon determine potential 5G locations. Our field staff review each location for compatibility and collect data in preparation for lease exhibits and structural pole loading. Once field work has been completed, we review the site, complete the analysis and finalizes the design to comply with National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) standards, jurisdiction and utility standards. Final design packages are prepared and submitted as agreed to with the local Verizon team.

Through our existing work with Verizon on similar antenna projects, TRC provides a thorough pole loading structural analysis, and where modifications are needed, we deliver a magnitude of cost estimate for the make ready work.

Our team is well versed in various types of pole loading software and what we use for any given project is typically dependent upon what the client uses or requires. When possible, we offer guidance on which software is the best fit for different regions, pole owners and structure types. No matter the software, we produce a model that includes the structure, existing utility wires and equipment, communication attachments and equipment, as well as the new antenna and/or fiber to ensure the cell attachment solution is successful.

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