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NERC PRC Compliance Studies

NERC’s Protection and Control (PRC) family of standards are among the key industry wide mandatory regulations that govern the reliable operation of the bulk electric system.

In recent years, new and comprehensive PRC obligations have been formalized for power generators, causing the need for detailed compliance program reviews and the implementation of recommended changes in order to meet NERC requirements.


TRC conducted NERC compliance reviews and studies at the client’s sites across the country, leveraging plant engineering staff’s own responses to the NERC PRC standards where available. PRC-024, and -025 compliance reviews were completed at 13 nuclear generation stations (with a total of 22 units) and PRC-019 compliance reviews took place at five nuclear generation stations (across a total of 8 units). Our reporting captured the results of the evaluation, documented our evaluation process and called attention to recommendations for updates or changes needed to maintain NERC compliance.

In addition, TRC currently continues to develop PRC-019-2 compliance studies for the client’s fossil and renewable generation stations. To date, TRC has completed compliance studies for 85 units at 15 generation plants. The studies provided detailed evaluations of the generation units including assessments and all necessary plots, and included the methodology that TRC used, any assumptions made, references used for the study, conclusions, and recommendations for continued compliance.

TRC is also performing an independent review of the protective relay device spreadsheets developed by each of the client’s nuclear station engineering teams for devices subject to NERC PRC-005-1 and PRC-005-6 compliance. This data will be used to support the creation of a maintenance schedule as dictated by PRC-005.


TRC’s comprehensive evaluations and reports include detailed charts, calculations, and summary findings to clearly demonstrate whether our clients are in compliance or what changes must be implemented to maintain compliance. Our studies serve as evidence of compliance if the client is ever audited by NERC.


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