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Moraine, Ohio

Facility Response Plan Development & Implementation

TRC expedited the development and implementation of a Facility Response Plan and Emergency Response Action Plan so that No. 2 fuel oil could be added to the site for the upcoming winter heating season. 

Dayton Power and Light Company (DPL) operates the Tait Station, an electric peaking station located in Moraine, Ohio. To meet the anticipated increased demand for No. 2 fuel oil for winter heating, DPL recommissioned a second station 14,600 barrel above ground storage tank to add No. 2 fuel oil capacity to its station. The addition of the second tank and the proximity of the site to the Great Miami River triggered the need for a U.S. EPA OPA 90 Facility Response Plan (FRP) and Emergency Response Action Plan (ERAP).

TRC Solutions:

TRC gathered facility and emergency response information; completed a hazard identification and vulnerability analysis; evaluated strategies to address small, medium, and worst case oil discharge scenarios; and established the U.S. Coast Guard National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program based drills/exercises and training to implement the Plans.

The FRP and ERAP were prepared in accordance with the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan, applicable Area Contingency Plan, and the U.S. EPA Region 5 Regional Contingency Plan. The Plans were reviewed and approved through U.S. EPA Region 5.

A written task implementation plan was prepared and reviewed with the company to ensure that the requirements of the Plans were assigned, tracked, completed, and sustained.

Client Benefits:

DPL was successful in adding additional No. 2 fuel oil capacity to the Tait Station for the winter heating season. The task implementation plan provided DPL the framework to implement and maintain their Plans and to demonstrate the company’s preparedness for oil discharge scenarios.


Dayton Power and Light Company

Project Location

Moraine, Ohio

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