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Chapin Beach Coastal Resilience Improvements

Protecting the roadway from erosion and storm damage

Although much of Dr. Bottero Road is protected by a rock revetment, a section of it is damaged repeatedly by coastal erosion. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the road must be closed until emergency repairs can be made. As the only access to the Chapin Beach public parking lot, an off-road vehicle ramp, and the Aquacultural Research Corporation facility located at the end of the barrier beach, Dr. Bottero Road is a critical component of the Town’s infrastructure. TRC is assisting with the identification and evaluation of alternatives to mitigate erosion at Chapin Beach that has the potential to wash out Dr. Bottero Road.

Through funding from the CZM Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Grant Program, the TRC Team was able to study the problem and identify alternatives to improve resilience, including road relocation, beach nourishment, revetment extension, and dune restoration. TRC also conducted a resources delineation, shellfish survey, sediment analysis, and topographic survey to supplement historical data and provide technical detail for project planning and design. The conceptual engineering plans TRC developed with this information include green infrastructure alternatives with associated beach nourishment volumes that take into consideration sea level rise and erosion rates.

Once an alternative is selected, TRC will help the Town develop MEPA-ready engineering plans and an ENF application to advance the permitting process for the Project. This project is helping to improve the resilience and natural function of the barrier beach and allow continued access to one of the largest and most valuable public resources in the Town of Dennis. Improving the resilience and function of Dr. Bottero Road and Chapin Beach, the largest of the Town’s eight public beaches, has significant positive impacts for the Town related to environmental and recreational benefits, local economy, and natural resources. The coastal resilience evaluation and design provided by the TRC Team will be critical to achieving the Town’s goals of reducing erosion, providing protection from storms and flooding, and enhancing the barrier beach’s natural function.


  • Coastal Resources Management & Restoration
  • Coastal Resilience & Flood Hazard Management
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Natural Resource Surveys
  • State and Federal Permitting Support

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