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Zero Emission Bus Conference

From strategic planning to project implementation, our experts deliver full-service consulting and engineering solutions for advanced transportation technologies, clean fuels and sustainable fleet initiatives.

As North America’s leading full-service clean transportation consulting firm, we offer solutions across the entire project value chain for the nation’s top fleets, utility and energy companies, original equipment manufacturers, government agencies and other stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

Our comprehensive strategic consulting solutions are tailored to help you establish and realize the evolution of clean fleet transportation, aligning seamlessly with your economic and sustainability objectives.

  • Market & Regulatory Positioning
  • ZEV Fleet Planning Analysis
  • ESG / Sustainability / Equity Strategy
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Customer Education / Community Outreach
  • Policy & Regulatory Support
  • Site Selection

Technical Demand Planning

We help you assess the market landscape for clean transportation and energy products with services from demand forecasting to technology selection.

  • Demand Forecasting & Planning
  • ZEV Emissions Reduction Planning
  • ZEV Timeline & Prioritization
  • ZEV Technology Selection


Leveraging our expertise and knowledge of funding incentives and policy, we help you maximize the financial benefits of advanced vehicles and clean fuels.

  • Federal Funding Initiatives
  • Utility Incentive Funding
  • ZEV Funding & Incentives
  • Policy & Issue Advocacy
  • ZEV Funding Opportunity Tracking & Applications


Our team of experts will guide you through the intricate feasibility challenges that can often occur with clean transportation projects, ensuring the seamless progression of your initiatives.

  • Environmental Planning & Permitting
  • Surveys / Easements / Right-of-way
  • Landowner Negotiations
  • Power System Studies
  • Capacity Expansion Planning
  • System Optimization
  • Injection Studies
  • Regulatory & Compliance


Our expertise in power system engineering, utility and regulatory standards and civil and structural design help you drive towards cleaner and more efficient fleet transportation.

  • Power System Engineering / Upgrades
  • Civil & Structural Design
  • Solar/Electrical Design
  • Battery Energy Storage Design
  • Microgrid Design
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Engineer of Record
  • Telecommunications


Our proficiency in construction management, project management, safety oversight and quality control serve as a cornerstone for effectively implanting and realizing your vision of clean fleet transportation.

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Management and Inspection Services
  • Project Controls and Claims Management
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Programs
  • Source Inspection and Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • As-builts

Ongoing Project Support

Our comprehensive suite of services empowers clean fleets with holistic and unwavering project support throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Field Data Collection
  • Vegetation Management
  • Funding Program Reporting
  • ZEV / Infrastructure Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Incentive Programs
  • Load Monitoring
  • Grid Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Events

Meet Your Team:

Jim Devey

Mr. Devey represented San Diego MTS on their first large scale zero emission bus (ZEB) overhead charging facility located in Chula Vista, CA. Project is going through commissioning and the final stages to charge (24) buses in five lanes underneath a single structure the size of a football field. New technologies implemented will include two-fold RFID/Wi-Fi bus communication at each charging location linked to a network microgrid controller providing efficient and real time monitoring data for charging operations. Monitoring includes the new 12kV service, solar, battery backup, and generator providing electricity feeding the (24) EV buses on this microgrid.

Charlene Palmer

Ms. Palmer provided contract, task order, and project management for San Diego MTS on their $8.5M zero emission bus overhead charging facility located in Chula Vista, CA. She interfaces with SDMTS management and project representatives, manages the TRC team and subconsultants, provides monthly status reporting, invoicing, and overall task order coordination. She guides staffing, training, safety, PPE, tracks budgets, reviews contracts and work orders, and handles amendments.

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