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At TRC, we are committed to supporting water and wastewater utilities by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions tailored to specific needs. Through cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, we aim to empower our local utilities to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable water and wastewater services to their communities, fostering a brighter and more resilient future for all. Our team of experts provides a host of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure services including design, testing, permitting, analytics, funding/grant assistance, asset management, construction management and inspection.



Our dedicated team specializes in identifying, evaluating, and securing funding opportunities for water infrastructure initiatives. We partner with municipalities, utilities, and private organizations to secure funding. With a deep understanding of grant programs, public-private partnerships, and financing options, TRC provides support to ensure that your projects receive the financial backing.


At TRC, our team of experts collaborates closely with both public and private clients, forging partnerships to guarantee the optimal performance of your assets. Whether it’s roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, or public buildings, we are dedicated to ensuring that these assets are not only efficiently utilized but also meticulously maintained. TRC employs industry-leading strategies and practices to enhance the longevity, functionality, and reliability of your investments


TRC, a leading expert in PFAS solutions, can identify the threats that these emerging contaminants pose to your drinking water supplies, and help prepare you for future PFAS driven regulatory changes. We’ll help you determine if there is PFAS in your water supplies, identify the source of PFAS, and provide you with a risk assessment and cost allocations plan for treatment. We can guide you through the challenging process of addressing PFAS contamination, especially under the prevailing regulatory and technical uncertainties, and deliver practical, cost-efficient and creative solutions for mitigating the business and environmental risks related to PFAS and other emerging contaminants.


TRC provides stormwater quality assurance services statewide, including compliance monitoring of construction, maintenance, and property management activities and facilities. Tasks comprise various observations and inspections to facility managers know whether stormwater management practices are being implemented as intended and to support efforts to evaluate, define, and revise those practices as necessary. TRC conducts independent quality assurance (IQA) reviews to monitor stormwater BMPs and administrative items for compliance Stormwater Management Plans and standard specifications.

TRC effectively provides the following consulting services:

  • Planning
  • Field services & Inspection
  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Operation & Consulting
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Permitting & easement acquisition
  • Bid Assistance & Contract Administration

Meet Your Team:

Brigette Welton, Proposal Manager

Brigette Welton has nearly 30 years of experience in marketing and communications with a demonstrated history of pursuit management, developing relationships and opportunities, client engagement, brand awareness, research, and data analysis. Working alongside the technical team, Brigette manages proposals for municipal RFPs and responds to partner data calls, collaborating with the team to achieve successful results.

Yisel Andrade Perdomo

Yisel has is a project engineer specializing in water/sewer, construction, and transportation engineering for municipalities. She assists with the design, calculations, and report preparation. Yisel regularly collaborates with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders to resolve engineering and design issues.

Steven Gandy, PE, PHD

Dr. Gandy has served as utilities engineer for small and large municipalities, non-profit utility associations, and private entities for more than 25 years. He has experience in all aspects of water treatment and distribution systems. Steve has designed, expanded, and repaired both water and wastewater systems utilizing funding from state, federal, and private sources. Steve also has experience in groundwater assessments and corrective action plans and environmental assessments and remediation.

C. Tyrus Clayton, JR., PE

Mr. Clayton has utilized his engineering experience on a broad range of projects, including municipal infrastructure, stormwater management, site design, geotechnical investigations, residential single- and multi-family developments, construction administration, solid waste design, and solid waste construction quality assurance. He is responsible for directing numerous environmental, geotechnical, and civil engineering projects for municipalities, counties, private enterprises, general contractors, and state agencies.


Potable Production Well and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

Town of Pine Level, NC

TRC is leading the design, permitting and oversight for the installation of a new potable production well in Pine Level, NC to increase the capacity of the town’s current water system. The project leverages ARPA funds secured in part by TRC and will include a state-of-the-art treatment facility and hydropneumatic water tank, building maintenance and updated water reservoir piping under the plant’s concrete flooring. We also support Pine Level on a range of other key infrastructure projects, including design, permitting, bidding and inspection for Phase I of the town’s wastewater inflow and infiltration (I&I) remediation program. Our team supported the design, permitting, bidding and inspection during Phase I of the project. We haves secured ARPA funding and will provide a Damage Inventory and Priority List during Phase II.

On-Call Water Infrastructure Consultants

Town of Princeton, NJ

For more than 20 years, TRC has been the on-call consultant for the Town of Princeton, NJ helping to rebuild aging water and sewer infrastructure. We have completed utility projects the town including creating a water system master plan, conducting a WWTP expansion study and managing a USDA water rehabilitation project. TRC has also worked to reduce flooding in the area by mapping the town-wide stormwater system, conducting a 2021 multiple site flood mitigation feasibility study and assisting in drafting stormwater ordinances.

Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery

City of Bern, NC

TRC was chosen by the city of Bern, NC in 2018 to manage drainage network repairs after Hurricane Florence devastated the area. We performed a comprehensive assessment of the city’s stormwater infrastructure using our in-house developed inspection app, during which we identified permanent damage and submitted inspection reports for FEMA approval. We then prepared specifications for repairs on ten drainage basins across the city, secured project permitting, managed bidding, and provided construction administration. Our work has so far helped the city repair two drainage basins and complete an additional emergency repair, with construction on the remaining basins ongoing.

Tropical Storm Fred Damage Repairs

Haywood, Transylvania and Buncombe Counties, NC

Tropical Storm Fred devastated western North Carolina and caused widespread flooding in the region. TRC was selected in 2021 to inspect and assess flood damage to private residential property accesses throughout Haywood, Transylvania and Buncombe Counties. We mobilized our dedicated survey crews and engineers to provide emergency support to the counties within 10 days of notice-to-proceed. Our team developed a specially tailored mobile GIS data acquisition survey, which allowed detailed data to be made available to stakeholders in real time. Within four weeks, we surveyed and completed data forms for 604 sites across the three counties. Our teams have since commenced design and construction phases for projects of critical and emergency need and have completed recovery tasks including bridge repairs, landslide mitigation and culvert replacements.

Water and Sewer Asset Inventory

Town of Walstonburg, NC

TRC has been a partner to Walstonburg, North Carolina’s water and sewer utilities supporting them to obtain “viability” status from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. We helped the town secure Asset Inventory Assessment funding from the NC DEQ’s Viability Utility Reserve, which was applied toward several services. Our team scanned and consolidated the town’s water and sewer mapping, performed GPS location of existing water infrastructure, and assessed items like fire hydrants and manholes to determine their condition and criticalness. We also assessed the mechanical, structural and electrical components of the town’s two lift stations.

Design of PFAS Removal System

Town of Maysville, North Carolina

TRC was contracted to design a PFAS removal system for the modification of an existing water treatment plant in Maysville, NC. Our team utilized an ion exchange resin to absorb PFAS and PFOA compounds in a raw water source and make the water portable. We also designed pretreatment optimization using Greensand and GAC to mitigate media fouling and extend media life of the ion exchange resin.

Water and Sewer Asset Inventory and Assessment

Newton Grove, NC

TRC was tasked by the town of Newton Grove, NC to perform a full water and sewer system Asset Inventory and Assessment using DEQ funding. Our team has neared completion of the assessment and GPS location of the town’s manholes and will soon begin locating water system assets, such as valves, hydrants and meters. We have also performed assessments on several of the town’s sewer lift stations. As the project moves forward, we will be providing a full report with rate study, water model, mapping, CCTV inspection of gravity sewer pipe, Capital Improvement Plan and Asset Management Plan.

Bay River Metropolitan Sewer District

Town of Oriental, NC

Working with the Bay River Metropolitan Sewer District, TRC helped secure funding from North Carolina’s DEQ to perform a CCTV inspection of the district’s gravity sewer system. We successfully secured the funding, allowing the district to complete the inspection. Our team subsequently reviewed the CCTV footage and associated reports to create an itemized priority list of gravity sewer line defects. We are now finalizing a list of the highest priority items and assigning estimated repair costs to provide to the district for system planning purposes.

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