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Advancing Beneficial Electrification with Heap Pumps

By: Evelyn Dean, Swapnil Gore, Meaghan Rush and Kathy Montijo |

This article is republished from the August 2020 issue of AESP Strategies, an official publication of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. To view the full issue, click here.


Real-Time Lessons from a Beneficial Electrification Program in New York State

Beneficial Electrification is transforming the energy world as states enact increasingly ambitious policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Utilities are playing their part, launching programs to electrify not just vehicles, but a myriad of commercial, industrial, and residential technologies that traditionally have been powered by fossil fuels. Utilities are modifying their programs to incorporate a variety of fuel-switching measures into their energy efficiency portfolios, but special attention should be paid to 1) developing a savings calculation methodology to accurately quantify the benefits of beneficial electrification as an interactive component of the portfolio and 2) preparing for market barriers.

Please download the full article below to read more about: 

  • Case Study from the Empire State
  • The Case for Heat Pumps
  • Fuel-Neutral Calculation Methodologies
  • Barriers to Electrification
  • Future Outlook

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