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Power Academy Course

Relay Testing Using Macros

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Aug 06 - Aug 08, 2024

1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 112, Lancaster, PA 17601

3 Days | 21 PDHs | $1,500

Relay Testing Using Macros provides hands-on training in foundational skills, techniques, and best practices for developing, assembling, editing, and documenting automated test plans for protective relay testing using Doble protection suite software.


  • Field and Commissioning Engineers and Technicians
  • Protection and Control Engineers


  • State human performance concepts and demonstrate best practices to avoid common errors when working with microprocessor relays
  • Explain relay logic and its components
  • Learn to test relays using automated test plans
  • Learn best practices for creating and documenting test plans
  • Review relay functions and settings
  • Review relay test set software: Doble Protection Suite


The Relay Testing Using Macros course is an instructor-led class including the following elements:

  • Communicating and Navigating Relay Settings using AcSELerator Quickset and SEL-751 relay
  • Protective Relay Test Equipment and software: Doble F6150 and Protection Suite
  • Hands-on experience of developing and testing SEL-751 microprocessor relay protection logic


  • Practical knowledge of performing P&C circuit testing and commissioning
  • Basic understanding of microprocessor relay logic and application
  • Knowledge of SEL AcSELerator Quickset and Doble Protection Suite softwares

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