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Power Academy Course

Transformer Through Fault Testing

Dates Available Upon Request

2 Days | 14 PDHs | Cost: $1,400

Transformer Through Fault Testing (TFT) provides the necessary technical skills covering foundational theoretical knowledge and calculation procedures for performing transformer through fault testing using various real-world examples. This course also covers safe work practices and procedures prior to, during and after testing.


  • Field Engineers and Technicians
  • Commissioning Engineers and Technicians
  • Stakeholders involved with planning or performing a through fault test


  • State required safety and human performance tools for performing TFT
  • Apply critical thinking skills for planning prior to, during and after performing TFTSelect proper test equipment and tools
  • Calculate expected values using power system perunit and percent impedance
  • Discuss the theory and calculation procedures for TFT
  • Determine transformer phase and phasor displacement
  • Identify transformer representations in sequence networks for different transformer configurations
  • Calculate expected values for a real-world test scenario to be used in a TFT test plan


  • TFT is designed as an instructor-led, interactive training with real-world calculation and procedural examples to build the knowledge and confidence to perform through fault testing safely in substations


  • An understanding of power system protection theory and application
  • Experience in reading and interpreting power substation electrical schematics, and performing P&C circuit testing and commissioning
  • A basic understanding

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