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Power Academy Course

Testing and Commissioning of Substation DC Systems

Dates Available Upon Request

2 Days | 11 PDHs | Cost: $800

Testing and Commissioning of Substation DC Systems provides a general overview of required checks and tests for the commissioning of the battery and battery charger in the field.


  • Field Technicians and Engineers
  • Commissioning Engineers and Technicians
  • Maintenance and Apparatus Technicians


  • Explain the purpose of substation DC system battery and battery charger.
  • Distinguish the types of batteries used in substations.
  • Explain and perform battery and battery charger testing activities.
  • Identify the difference between grounded and ungrounded DC systems.
  • Explain necessary safety precautions in the installation and field testing of battery and battery charger.


  • Instructor-led, interactive training in a lab that mimics an actual utility substation environment with a control house and yard equipment.
  • Hands-on Battery Bank Testing
  • Hands-on Battery Charger Testing


  • Basic understanding of electrical circuits
  • Working knowledge of AC/DC circuits and terminology

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