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Power Academy Course

Outages and Energization

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Jul 15 - Jul 17, 2024

1866 Colonial Village Lane, Suite 112, Lancaster, PA 17601

3 Days | 21 PDHs | Cost $1,300

The Outages and Energization course is designed to provide a solid foundation for the steps in performing an O&E plan, along with the critical thinking skills necessary to develop an O&E plan. Additional topics covered include substation entry process, temporary protective grounding, a review of metering and phasing, and TRC documents used in O&E.


Recent college graduates, leaders and managers, construction managers, project managers, and entry level engineers and technicians who desire to learn and obtain basic knowledge to safely work in and around substations.


  • Name equipment and PPE used for O&E
  • State the differences between a qualified and an authorized individual
  • Enter a substation following proper procedures
  • Follow proper tagging procedures
  • State the purpose of temporary protective grounding
  • Use the proper TRC 17100 forms during O&E
  • Discuss protection concerns related to O&E
  • Apply critical thinking to all aspects of O&E
  • Recognize steps followed for switching orders
  • State the safety reasons for obtaining and releasing clearances


  • Outages and Energization is an instructor-led class in our training facility in Lancaster PA.
  • Part of the class is classroom lecture, and part is in the lab where students will get opportunity to work with equipment replicating a functioning substation.


  • Basic understanding of electrical power systems, meter usage, and equipment commonly found in substations.

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