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Power Academy Course

Data Center Testing and Commissioning

Dates Available Upon Request

3 Days | 21 PDHs/CTDs | Cost: $950

This course provides foundational knowledge and technical skills for Testing & Commissioning of power systems used for data centers. Topics include the T&C process, equipment used, lockout tagout procedures and safety, major components of data centers, and different levels of commissioning. Includes scenario-based exercises.


  • Commissioning Engineers (entry level)
  • Electrical Engineers (entry level)
  • Construction Managers (entry or intermediate level)
  • Project Managers (intermediate level)


  • Describe Power Systems used in Data Centers.
  • Describe the Major Components of a Data Center.
  • Describe and practice Lockout Tagout Safety Procedures.
  • Identify and interpret Physical Layout and One-Line Diagrams of a Data Center.
  • Describe the Different Levels of Data Center Commissioning and Maintenance.
  • Describe and plan testing for Data Centers.


  • The Intro to Data Center T&C course is an instructor-led class including the following elements:
    • Multi-media WBTs
    • In-class polls / Knowledge checks
    • Scenario-based exercises


  • Basic understanding of electricity
  • Basic understanding of power system protection theory and application

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