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Jenna Bagnall-Reilly

Jenna Bagnall-Reilly

Based out of Brattleboro, VT, Jenna Bagnall-Reilly is a Senior Researcher with TRC’s Advanced Energy Group.

Jenna oversees a multi-disciplinary team of analysts to implement various energy efficiency program evaluations, conducts strategic research for our clients’ energy-related initiatives, and provides support to the design process of new research efforts. Jenna’s research includes the spectrum of commercial and residential programs, as well as low-income and pilot program evaluations.

Jenna loves to observe how humans interact with their environment—right down to the soil. She has a Master’s of Science in Agricultural & Applied Economics, with a focus on natural resources, from the University of Wyoming. After graduation, Jenna knew she wanted to work in sustainability, and over the course of her career, she has worked in land use development, healthcare, and energy program evaluation. She especially loves working in the energy industry, because it is constantly changing and programs are adopting new technology to improve society’s overall sustainability.


Q&A with Jenna


Q: When do you have the most fun at work?

A: I am a numbers geek. I love gathering the data and figuring out how to turn it into a story that is helpful to the client. It is even better when the data helps identify an opportunity to help society as a whole.


Q: Where is your favorite spot in the world?

A: I love our home in Vermont. Our 10-acre plot is a piece of paradise. We are creating our own little farm, learning how to be stewards of the land and to become more sustainable human beings.


Q: What are the ideas that drive you?

A: Conservation. Challenge. Opportunity.


Q: How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

A: Vermont has five seasons, and we spend as much time outside as possible. In the autumn, we marvel at all the fall colors. During the winter, we take advantage of the ski mountain that is 15 minutes away. Next, there is an unofficial “mud season”—you can’t have it all—followed by a spectacular spring for planting our gardens and summer for swimming in the river by our farm.


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