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David C. Sánchez
National Manager, Power System Studies

Mr. Sánchez leads teams to success by working with clients to provide distribution system planning, design and in-depth analyses of complex issues related to electrical utility infrastructure.

Mr. Sánchez’s extensive experience in the electric utility industry includes power delivery, maintenance, operations, power quality, distribution system planning and design, system modeling and analysis, construction standards, asset management, reliability and joint use. A highly effective project manager and coordinator, he regularly leads distribution fault analyses, protective coordination and reliability assessments along with developing system analysis tools. Before TRC, he worked for investor-owned electric utilities and has been recognized for both his technical skills and commitment to customer service.

He currently serves as National Manager of the Power System Studies Group and holds responsibility for the business functions of the division, encompassing all quality, financial, administrative operations and staff performance and development. Mr. Sanchez earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology with a Minor in Mathematics from New Mexico State University and has completed various specialized trainings including CYME suite, Synergi, AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Project Experience

  • American Electric Power (AEP): Mr. Sánchez is currently working as Manager of Power System Studies for multiple projects with AEP, including VVO Studies, DER Interconnection Studies and DACR Studies.
    • VVO Studies: Supports AEP on improving power factor for feeders in Ohio. Duties include QA/QC, performed distribution system modeling, feeder balancing, capacitor and regulator placement, circuit protection and coordination and recommendations from system upgrades.
    • DER Interconnection Studies: Oversees a team focusing on Interconnection Studies on their Distribution System. Supports the development of DER interconnection philosophy.
    • DACR Studies: Uses expertise in power factor correction, circuit protection and coordination, recommendations for system upgrades, arc flash and documentation to integrate automated distribution reclosers to perform normally as well as reverse flow circuit protection and coordination.
  • Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM): Manages Distribution Studies, Reviews, and SGF Interconnection Protection. His role includes QA/QC, project oversight for performing feeder relay revisions, PV supplemental studies, load and fault studies, contingency analysis, protection and coordination and developing and documenting system improvements.
  • Avangrid: Led the TRC Team in support of the Sequential Recloser Reprogramming and Model Cleanup Program, focusing efforts on distribution model cleanup and validation in preparation for Recloser placement.
  • Tucson Electric Power (TEP): Acted as Lead and QA/QC for Hosting Capacity Analysis on TEP’s Distribution System. His duties included model cleanup and conversion, assessing and targeting locations for maximum PV interconnection, increasing capacity of battery storage and supporting the development of hosting capacity philosophy.
  • Louisville Gas & Electric/Kentucky Utilities (LGE/KU): Mr. Sánchez served as Engineering Manager and Project Manager on Feeder Protection Studies, providing crucial assistance on circuit protection, coordination and sectionalization by overseeing IED installation for Distribution Automation. His responsibilities included recommending device locations and settings, conducting field design work, preparing construction packets, programming protective devices, installing communication equipment and establishing SCADA communications. Utilized engineering and design programs such as CGI’s ARM, GE Small World, Synergi, AcSELerator, and Proview. He also supported development of the coordination philosophy, scheduling contractor resources, tracking project progress, and maintaining stakeholder coordination, as directed by LGE/KU.
  • Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC): Supported the creation of a 4 Year Work Plan and study of the effects of load growth on their Distribution System. He managed the development of models for analysis, simulation of best-case and worst-case scenarios and recommendations of RUS, system upgrades and cost-saving alternatives for meeting future loads and meeting base voltages. Additionally, Mr. Sánchez worked with RUS representatives in the development of a sound workplan and created a list of upgrades and construction estimates for use by PEC.
  • Duke Energy: Worked as Manager of System Planning and Grid Analytics to conduct Interconnection and Protection Studies, integrating solar farm interconnections and studying their effects on Distribution Systems. His duties included utilizing historical data to simulate best-case and worst-case scenarios, recommending system updates, providing methods for integrating multiple interconnections out of a single substation, creating construction estimates, and providing a strong protection scheme to maintain system integrity.
  • Pike Engineering: Supervised Engineers and Designers and provided senior level on-site technical expertise for Distribution Design, analyzing complex options and preparing distribution facility designs for overhead. Mr. Sánchez worked as a liaison between managers and the client to ensure that all codes were adhered to, led orientations for new team members, provided estimates and created a solid protection scheme to maintain system integrity.
  • Maui Electric Company (MECO): Supported the Asset Management Program to review MECO’s Transmission and Distribution assets. Scope included verifying existing assets with the GIS system, design installation dates, engineering and construction drawings, outages and repair orders. In addition, he compiled all asset data into a universal database to compare all existing assets and target problem areas in MECO’s system and streamlining future asset orders.
  • Progress Energy Florida: Acted as Engineering Planner for the Smart Grid DSDR Feeder Conditioning Pilot Program, performing and managing CYME planning analysis studies to identify feeder improvements. Study goals included flattening the distribution voltage drop, reducing distribution system losses and confirming each feeder’s compliance with the Demand Response System.

Education and Professional Registrations

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, New Mexico State University
  • Minor in Mathematics, New Mexico State University

Certifications and Training

  • Specialized Training in CYME Dist., CYMECAP, CYME TCC, and Synergi
  • AutoCAD and Micro Station
  • LD-Pro and DDs

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