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New York

NY Prize Community Microgrids

Strengthening local energy resilience and reliability through clean microgrids


New York has experienced significant power outages during severe storms, including an eight-day blackout following Superstorm Sandy in 2012. When NYSERDA established the NY Prize competition—which awards funding to develop community microgrids—TRC helped three communities assess the feasibility of microgrids to improve their energy resiliency. 

The Town of Huntington was selected to move forward and TRC developed a detailed engineering design. The microgrid system interconnects with the traditional grid and can also “island” or separate from the grid during severe weather. The system provides power and heat to critical facilities in the community. Key components include solar, energy storage, combined heat and power, fuel cells, energy efficiency measures and traditional power sources. The New York Power Authority, PSEG Long Island, and National Grid are partners on the project. 




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New York

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