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Connecticut Community Microgrid Program

Advancing local resilience through viable microgrid projects. 

After Connecticut experienced multiple severe weather events and lengthy power outages, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) established a microgrid program to help communities overcome these challenges and support local critical facilities (e.g., hospitals, police and fire stations, water treatment plants). TRC is the lead technical and engineering advisor to DEEP and utility partners, helping review and fund technically and economically viable microgrid projects through the program.

The program awarded $24 million for 11 microgrid projects in its first year, which have included innovative energy efficiency, solar PV, wind, fuel cells, bio-fuel generators, and non-renewable fueled generator components. In funding well-designed microgrids across Connecticut, DEEP is promoting safe, clean, and reliable energy for municipalities and universities. This distributed energy model reduces demand on the traditional grid, brings new renewable generation sources online, and reduces risk of outages.


Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

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