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Kennebunk, Maine

Maguire Road Substation

TRC provided permitting, design, procurement and construction services for this project to improve the reliability and capacity of the transmission system in Southern Maine. Our detailed project sequence planning, outage planning and temporary facility planning, allowed the project to be completed on schedule and with minimal system impact.

This complex transmission project provided a significant improvement to the reliability and capacity of the transmission system in Southern Maine. TRC’s role included permitting, design, procurement, and construction of a new 115kV substation, a major expansion to the existing 345kV substation, and upgrades at three related 345kV substations and six 115kV substations. Also included was the design and construction of over 30 miles of transmission rebuild and 10 miles of transmission reconductor, impacting eight existing transmission line sections. The project posed extensive planning, sequencing, and commissioning challenges, as production needed to be accomplished with minimal system outages to maintain the service load during construction.

TRC, as a joint venture with E.S. Boulos, provided engineering, licensing, procurement, and construction services. The project was divided into two phases:

  • Phase one included engineering, permitting and licensing of all facilities and the construction of a 345kV substation expansion that included 345kV remote end substation upgrades.
  • Phase two included the construction of the new 115kV substation, expansion of an existing 115kV substation, upgrades at the remote end substation, and construction of all 115kV transmission lines. TRC provided detailed project sequence planning, outage planning, and temporary facility planning to allow the project to proceed on schedule while minimizing system impact. TRC’s engineering group performed protection relay studies and provided all relay settings. TRC’s field services group performed all project construction management, commissioning, and testing activities.

The Maguire Road Project was completed in Spring 2009, and now provides Southern Maine with increased electrical capacity and upgraded system reliability.


Central Maine Power Company

Project Location

Kennebunk, Maine

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