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PFAS-Coated Pulp and Paper

PFAS detected in coated paper products include PFOA, PFHxA, PFBS, 6:2-FTS, N-MeFOSE, N-EtFOSE and N-EtFOSAA. Companies that manufactured or used coated paper and cardboard products with recycled pulp may face potential historical liabilities.

As more data emerge about thousands of PFAS chemicals, companies facing potential liabilities should begin to  understand their current and historical use of fluorinated chemicals. Proactive response strategies may include:

  • Initiating systemwide raw material inventories
  • Sampling waste streams (process and sanitary sewer streams, etc.) and residual solids
  • Retaining technical and legal resources to oversee your evaluations

TRC has a long working relationship with the pulp and paper industry and a deep understanding of their production processes. We also understand the complex sampling and analysis needed to identify PFAS in the paper process.

Our Center of Research and Expertise (CORE) is a national leader on PFAS toxicity, fate and transport, sampling and analytical and remediation methods who can assure that testing programs are done properly and treatment/disposal plans are in place to control potential impacts.

In addition, TRC’s air emissions monitoring professionals develop, implement, and evaluate ambient and source testing for PFAS compounds.

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