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PFAS Groundwater Sampling

March 28, 2023

PFAS Groundwater Sampling

Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl substances are a diverse group of man-made chemicals and are becoming an increasing environmental concern. PFAS persists in air, soil and water and are able to migrate long distances and resist natural attenuation. Testing groundwater for PFAS is particularly important to monitor and mitigate PFAS contamination in drinking water and the environment.

This presentation covers:
• Basic PFAS Sampling Precautions
• Groundwater Sampling Procedures for PFAS
• PFAS Fate & Transport Concepts That Can Affect Groundwater Data
• What Role Does the Analytical Laboratory Play?
• Case Studies

Contact Jenny Phillips, VP, Director of Technical Development Unit and CORE at to learn more about TRC’s PFAS capabilities.

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About the CORE

The Center of Research and Expertise (CORE) is a multidisci­plinary team led by proven subject matter experts who are rec­ognized for their technical contributions and knowledge in a wide range of environmental subjects and specialties. Our purpose is to promote the expertise and talents of our team while enabling them to work at the forefront of emerging challenges and solutions. The CORE Teams contribute to the technical advancement of our professional, academic and client communities, as we work to solve clients’ issues through the improvement of science and technologies in our industry. Our CORE Teams also contrib­ute significantly to our culture at TRC, with the intent to support and sustain growth. The work we do within TRC brings immense value to our clients, our company, and our team, and differenti­ates TRC’s leadership in the markets we serve.

This team supports the growth and promotion of our staff and their technical skills, in over 25 different specialized technical areas.

Jenny Phillips, DABT, Director of Technical Development, VP

Jenny Phillips, Director of Technical Development, VP – Jenny Phillips leads the Technical Development Unit of TRC, focusing on Emerging Contaminants. She is an expert in human health and ecological risk assessment with a focus in risk communication and stakeholder discussions. Ms. Phillips also leads TRC’s Center for Research and Expertise which includes 30+ technical teams. Contact Ms. Phillips at

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