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EV Charge SF

Supporting the Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

TRC is working with public agencies in San Francisco to drive the adoption of electric vehicles – and help achieve the city’s and state’s decarbonization goals – by incentivizing EV charging equipment in new construction building projects.

The EV Charge SF Program, administered by TRC and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, provides financial and technical assistance for installing EV charging infrastructure in new and newly built multifamily and commercial buildings. The program is available to customers of Hetch Hetchy Power, the City of San Francisco’s public power utility.

The program offers financial incentives and technical support for new construction customers to exceed San Francisco’s EV Readiness code, which requires new residential and commercial buildings to install electrical capacity in parking facilities, so they are “EV ready” for the future.  Participants in the EV Charge SF Program must exceed minimum code requirements to qualify for incentives.  Program staff also work with real estate developers to devise load management strategies for the EV charging infrastructure at their properties, ensuring that vehicle charging does not exceed the site’s available electrical capacity.

Building owners and tenants are eligible for financial incentives up to a maximum of $100,000 per site address ($120,000 for affordable housing projects) for Level 2 EV charging stations, lower voltage charging outlets, and empty conduit for expanded charging in the future. Participation in the program can bring additional benefits such as: greater convenience for occupants, increased property value, tenant attraction and retention, and avoided retrofit costs if wishing to install EV supply equipment in the future.

TRC helped launch EV Charge SF in 2021 and currently implements the program with the SFPUC, providing program design, outreach, cost benefit analysis, engineering support for EV charging infrastructure installations, and post-construction verification.

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