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Promoting Clean Heat Technology in the Residential Sector

By supporting a robust network of distributors and manufacturers, the Clean Heat Connect initiative in New York State is making it easier for residents to install zero-emission heat pumps in their homes. This market-driven program, a NYSERDA initiative implemented by TRC, will help advance New York State toward its goal of a carbon-neutral economy.

TRC is partnering with upstream distributors and manufacturers to expand adoption of heat pumps in New York State homes.

The mission of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is to advance clean energy innovation and investments to combat climate change; improve the health, resiliency and prosperity of New Yorkers; and deliver benefits equitably to all. TRC is proud to partner with NYSERDA to implement programs across New York State to support the transition to a cleaner energy future.

The Challenge: Supporting NY State’s Energy Efficiency and Clean Heat Goals

New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) is the most aggressive climate and clean energy legislation in the nation, putting the state on a path to a carbon-neutral economy and establishing a goal to decarbonize New York State buildings by mid-century.

Electrified heating using heat pump technology is an important tool for meeting New York’s goals for the residential sector along with improvements to building insulation. Heat pumps are a commercially available, viable and cost-effective technology that can supply carbon-free efficient space heating and cooling to all residential building types. TRC has seen promising results nationwide, but challenges remain to more widespread implementation because of several factors including installer shortages and supply chain constraints.

The Solution: Investing in the Upstream Supply Chain

NYSERDA and TRC launched the market-driven Clean Heat Connect initiative in New York State. The initiative supports increased sales and proper installations of cold-climate air source heat pumps (ASHP) by providing comprehensive resources and training for contractors through their existing supply chains and flow of work.

The Clean Heat Connect initiative leverages upstream distributors and manufacturers to provide contractor education, technical training, sales support and workforce development. The initiative’s goal is to provide educational tools that result in higher standards of heat pump installations and reduce the number of contractor call-backs. The initiative coordinates with entities involved in the HVAC supply chain, including the Joint Utilities of New York’s NYS Clean Heat incentive program, industry trainers, trade associations and the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP).

The cross-industry collaboration resulted in the creation of the Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump product list’s Advanced Search – Sizing for Heating and Cooling tool. Designed by TRC, this web-based tool shows heat pump heating and cooling capacities – based on manufacturer data – for a home’s specific annual heating and cooling needs. Built with data specific to cold climates, this tool is now the industry’s go-to resource for selecting the optimal model, size and capability of heat pump for homes in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Manufacturer and Distributor Support

Since the NYSERDA Clean Heat Connect initiative’s launch in 2021, the program team has received positive feedback from NY-based heat pump distributors and manufacturers on how the program has helped their industry grow.

Clean Heat Connect supports our industry with contractor trainings, marketing tools, media campaigns, streaming ads and billboard ads. We have more contractors installing heat pumps than ever, and the installations are of higher quality.

Brian McCoskey

RJ Murray HVAC Wholesale Distributors

TRC serves as implementer for the Clean Heat Connect initiative, providing technical resources to the upstream HVAC supply chain. Our team is made up of heat pump experts from all over NY State who perform heat pump inspections and engage in face-to-face interaction with distributors. We understand the needs of distributors, manufacturers and contractors, and we work with them on a common goal: to help improve the quality of heat pump installations in customers’ homes.

We’re proud to work with NYSERDA at the forefront of accelerating residential decarbonization through heat pump adoption. By supporting the supply chain using a market-driven approach, we’re enabling high-quality installations of heat pumps across NY State and helping contractors accelerate building electrification for a cleaner energy future.

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