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Pond Closure, Retrofit and Reconstruction 

Pond Closure, Retrofit and Reconstruction 

Our client operates a coal-fired power plant in the Mid-Atlantic which uses a series of five low volume wastewater ponds (LVWWP) to manage wastewater, including coal combustion residuals (CCR). 

The client must use the existing pond space to construct a new pond system that complies with CCR rules. The engineering solution must account for the plant wastewater operational needs during and post construction, location standards and other CCR compliance issues, as well as a groundwater monitoring system. 

TRC provided comprehensive engineering and design services to develop a package to solicit construction bids for closure by removal and retrofit/reconstruction of the LVWWP, which will be reduced from five to three ponds. The design included the development of an engineering/construction sequence that would allow the facility to continue generating power without interruption. Engineering services included geotechnical evaluations, wastewater evaluations, civil, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical designs and permitting requirements. 

Our expert team also conducted pilot studies to evaluate various dewatering and treatment technologies, including hydraulic dredging via geotubes and conventional filter systems. 

Additionally, TRC completed a comprehensive groundwater evaluation, including the development of a groundwater monitoring plan for CCR compliance; developed retrofit, closure and post-closure plans; provided hazard potential evaluations; and provided engineering and on-site construction support during the three-year construction period. 

TRC continues to provide engineering and regulatory support to comply with state and federal CCR regulations.

TRC’s integrated, in-house engineering and construction services group rapidly developed closure, reconstruction and retrofit options and cost estimates to support the client’s financial needs. Our team produced the required bid documents in an expedited fashion, allowing the client to meet their bid and construction schedules without interrupting facility operations. 



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