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Onsite Certified Professional Environmental Health and Safety Support


A local crude oil refinery plant that is part of a multinational company in the specialty chemicals industry became abruptly understaffed following the sudden departure of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team members. The EHS manager contacted TRC to provide an experienced employee for immediate temporary staffing support. It was imperative for the client that the employee met mandatory training requirements and possessed the necessary expertise and professional experience.


TRC promptly provided an experienced Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to report directly the client’s EHS site manager. The TRC health and safety specialist was scheduled to be onsite two days per week and immediately began executing high priority tasks.

Services provided by TRC include:

  • Upgrade of internal safety and compliance program through policy and document review
  • Assist with ISO compliance and preparation for internal and third-party audits
  • Collect periodic air and wipe sampling to assess exposure and maintain the annual IH sampling plan
  • Provide scientific exposure assessment reports as needed; evaluating potential employee exposure for chemical and physical agents
  • Create, revise and implement Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and risk assessment documentation
  • Manage and provide a comprehensive industrial ergonomics assessment program and assist with development and implementation of ergonomic improvements
  • Acquire, maintain and utilize an inventory of specialized IH and environmental instrumentation and monitoring devices
  • Provide onsite emergency investigation and response


The client’s EHS program experienced immediate and tangible performance improvements following TRC’s onsite presence. The contract was originally intended to be three months in duration, however due to exceptional performance and results, the contract has been repeatedly extended and is still in progress after four years.

Other notable benefits due to TRC’s support include:

  • The site’s EHS group has received several safety achievements from their corporation; largely due to TRC’s contribution and engagement
  • Onsite safety culture has experienced a noticeable improvement, including an increase in employee safety-related discussions and participation due to TRC’s interactions
  • Process improvements resulting from the TRC implemented industrial ergonomics program has reduced work-place injury and lowered site overhead costs through process changes which increased operational efficiency
  • Employee exposure to chemical, physical and occupational hazards has been effectively controlled, reduced and/or eliminated following TRC’s exposure monitoring and ventilation assessments

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