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Memphis, TN

Intermodal Rail Yard Waste/Storm Water Improvements

Our client, a major transcontinental railroad, had an existing storm sewer system at one of its southeastern United States yard facilities that was functioning at less than optimum efficiency due to the fact that an oil/water separator (OWS) at the location was no longer providing adequate separation. As a result, allowable discharge limits were being exceeded from the industrial wastewater and storm sewer system.

To combat the problem, TRC selected a new Hydrasep OWS that was properly sized to collect and treat run-off and wash down water from the client’s Intermodal facility. The project also included the removal and installation of a manhole with integrated grit chamber just upstream of the new OWS. Associated storm water improvements were also designed that included the installation of approximately 540 LF of 30”, 36” and 42” RCP within an existing drainage ditch.

TRC provided oversight during construction and the client no longer has issues associated with undesirable discharge limits. The facility’s evaporation pond was also stabilized and is no longer showing signs of potential bank failure.

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