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Alice-Falfurrias and Calallen-Stadium 69 kV Rebuild Project

Rebuilding approximately 64 miles of 69kV transmission line to 138kV standards.


A Texas utility undertook a major project to rebuild approximately 64 miles of 69 kV transmission line to 138 kV standards. The existing Alice-Falfurrias 69 kV line, constructed in 1928, and the Calallen-Stadium Line, constructed in 1969, are in poor condition and experience extended outages. The rebuild will help deliver reliable and adequate transmission service in the area.  

FAA height restrictions forced the redesign of several miles of lines in a crowded city corridor.  TRC designed and implemented a unique structure configuration to fit in the available right-of-way (ROW)area and  also stay below the designated height limits 

The project required existing H-Frame and monopole wood structures to be replaced with monopole steel and concrete structures, and the lines to be replaced on a structure for structure basis. TRC designed the structures, compiled material lists, performed environmental surveys and supported ROW acquisition process.  The redesigned lines will conform to the client’s specific standards as well as all national and state requirements. 

Our experts seamlessly managed the coordination of all elements of the project including transmission design, distribution underbuild design, ROW services, environmental permitting and construction support. Our oversight allowed the project to stay on schedule while managing conflicts with transmission crossings, private air strips, and numerous ROW encroachments that had taken place since the initial construction of the line.  

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