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Transmission Project Environmental Assessments and Permitting

The Poseidon Project was proposed to strengthen the reliability of the downstate New York power grid by bringing 500 MW of low-cost energy and capacity from the heart of PJM’s bulk power grid to the core of Long Island’s electric transmission and distribution network. The approximate 80-mile project will consist of 21 miles of HVDC Land Cable in NJ, approximately 16.5 miles of HVDC Land Cable in NY, and approximately 41.5 miles of HVDC Submarine Cable to be buried in Raritan Bay and the New York Bight.

TRC is the lead environmental consultant with responsibilities including preparing the application for an Article VII Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need with the New York Public Service Commission (NYSPSC); joint application to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; and all other applicable state and local permit applications in New York and New Jersey. TRC conducted routing studies and alternative evaluations for the cables, landfall locations and converter station sites, as well as provided technical oversight of marine geophysical and geotechnical studies. We prepared comprehensive environmental, land use, cultural resource, visual, and routing studies to characterize existing conditions and identify potential impacts. This work has included field and desktop assessments of wetlands, protected species, benthic habitats, sediment transports, and viewsheds.

A significant accomplishment was preparing a full Article VII application in five-months.


  • Facility Siting & Routing
  • Desktop Assessments
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Mitigation & Best Management Practices
  • NYS Article VII

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