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Rochester, New York

Rochester Transmission Project

TRC delivered design, procurement, and construction services for 38 miles of transmission lines, two substation expansions, and equipment upgrades at nine existing substations locations. At the time, this project was the largest of its kind in the United States.


TRC, working in partnership with E.S. Boulos (Electrical Construction) and O’Connell Electric (Transmission Line Construction), completed the final design, procurement, and construction of the Rochester Transmission Project. At the time of award, this project was the largest of its kind in the United States. The scope of work included engineering, procurement, project management, civil and electrical construction, and testing and commissioning of all facilities.

The objective of the Project was to support the power requirement needs of the Greater Rochester Area upon the decommissioning of Rochester Gas and Electric’s (RG&E) Russell Generating Facility. This project included approximately 38 miles of new or rebuilt 115kV transmission lines, two new 115kV substation expansions, and equipment upgrades at nine existing substation locations ranging in voltage from 35kV up to 345kV. In addition to the transmission work, the thermal capacity of seven 35kV circuits was increased, which included the installation of additional parallel underground cables. The thermal capacity work also involved the installation of four additional transformers at an existing substation and a capacitor bank at an alternative location.

The installation of two EPR, 115kV transmission lines under the Greater Rochester International Airport was a significant challenge and was successfully completed while the airport remained in service. This was a great project triumph for TRC’s construction team. The project was completed on schedule and allowed RG&E to decommission their Russell Generating Facility, an old and outdated coal plant. The timely completion of this work allowed RG&E to avoid potential emission fines that they were facing as a result of the operation of the outdated Russell Station.
Rochester Gas and Electric Company
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Rochester, New York

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