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Excelling in power delivery and transmission engineering.

TRC’s Augusta – Western office offers top-of-the-line expertise concerning electrical engineering and power delivery. TRC also helps clients solve their challenges in various industries, such as power & utilities, oil & gas, transportation, real estate, water and government.

Our Markets & Services 

Organizations nationwide count on TRC for an extensive list of services.

Electric Utilities 

Electric utilities can be served from our office in Augusta, Maine. Navigating this challenging industry successfully is easier with an experienced partner. Our engineers, experts and consultants can help companies focus on their goals and understand the various ways to meet them. Review our Electric utility services for more on the benefits of partnering with TRC.

TRC has been a trusted partner for over 50 years, making us uniquely qualified to work with utilities in the ever-changing and multifaceted technical and regulatory environment facing energy projects.

Renewable Energy

From TRC’s office in Augusta, Maine, our engineers, experts and consultants can support the ever-increasing demand for sustainable power solutions. TRC offers Renewable Energy Development services that help organizations plan, construct and operate complex renewable systems. We have experience with various types of renewable energy, including battery storage, hydropower, onshore and offshore wind, natural gas and solar power. Work with TRC to implement an integrated solution that works toward cost-effective renewable energy capabilities. 

Engineering for Power Delivery and Substations 

TRC’s comprehensive engineering services extend to the ways and forms in which power reaches the end-user. Our engineers have experience working with power distribution systems and substations alike. We develop innovative, affordable Power Distribution Engineering solutions that help companies provide reliable service to every customer. Additionally, we engineer Substations to upgrade their capacity to provide the electricity consumers need. From the development of new electrical systems to retrofitting existing ones, TRC’s engineers can prepare any organization for the future.

TRC’s experience in delivering completed integrated/automated substations includes implementing projects from initial concept, feasibility and planning studies, land acquisition, permitting and complete civil, structural and electrical design.

Substation Automation

Modern substation automation systems allow users to control and monitor essential substation functions from any location. Our automation and communication engineering team has extensive experience in hydro, wind, nuclear generation and distribution and transmission sectors.

TRC is capable of providing solutions that make implementing substation automation easy. As with many of our services, we are uniquely capable of working with a business from start to finish to achieve this goal by planning, designing, constructing, operating and assessing substation automation systems. Organizations can rely on us for as much or as little assistance as needed. 

Planning and Permitting

TRC offers Planning services that lay the groundwork for successful projects. Our experts will perform all necessary studies and assessments, garner stakeholder engagement, understand regulatory needs and outline schematics for the most complex projects. We have access to experienced personnel and cutting-edge technology that combine to produce actionable plans on any schedule. Whether the project involves redeveloping new roadways or updating an electrical infrastructure, TRC can help plan and execute it. 

Field Services

Keeping up with field services and inspection tasks can be challenging, and our experts are available to complement the existing staff. Our Field Service and Inspection services can supplement your current workforce whether you’re a corporate, state or local entity. We’ll collect, review and share data using our seamless technology platforms to ensure projects unfold accurately and on time. 

Our highly experienced land and survey professionals can work on the right of way, land acquisition and surveys and construction, fabrication and field inspections.

GIS Technology

The quality of information gathered regarding a piece of land can make or break a project. At TRC, we use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to improve projects for our partners using the most up-to-date tools for capturing, analyzing and visualizing data. Our GIS systems captures, stores, displays and shares information regarding the Earth’s surface, displaying everything from local buildings to streets, vegetation, elevation and more. We employ more than 50 experienced GIS professionals to help our clients take full advantage of this technology. 

GIS Experts at TRC can support data development and organization, geographic data analysis, information delivery and field data collection.

Our Projects

If you’re looking for an experienced partner who can help you run an efficient, safe project, work with TRC. We’ve assisted dozens of organizations in the public and private sectors by providing a wide range of services. Our experts can work with you along every step of the process, from the planning and permitting stage to operation. We encourage you to browse our projects for examples of how we can help your organization. 

For more on TRC’s services and how you can benefit from a partnership with us, please contact us online today.



Our more than 6,000 consulting, construction, engineering and management services professionals serve a broad range of public and private clients, guiding complex projects from conception to completion to help solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

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