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Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Supporting Your Response to the Novel Coronavirus

Protecting health and safety so you can get back to work.

No industry or area of the economy has been spared impact during this unprecedented outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Buildings with a high circulation of people and common use areas are especially susceptible to contamination and disease spread. Hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, commercial real estate, manufacturing centers and transit systems are being challenged as never before to implement rigorous cleaning procedures, reduce the operational and financial impacts of closures and work stoppages and protect the health and safety of employees, customers and communities.

As one of the nation’s largest providers of building science and industrial hygiene solutions, TRC can help you quickly respond to the novel coronavirus and minimize risk. From initial assessment to oversight and management of remediation or decontamination, we help ensure compliance with CDC guidelines so you can safeguard facility occupants and resume operations without delay. With locations across the country and expertise in multiple areas, we provide efficient, cost-effective support on a routine and emergency basis. Our experts are trained to handle each project with professionalism, confidentiality and sensitivity. Led by seasoned Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals and project managers, TRC is a trusted partner helping you address this most pressing challenge.

Our services include:

Response and Certification

  • Emergency Response Inspection and Sampling
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Testing for Biological Residue on Surfaces
  • OSHA and CDC Compliance Monitoring and Audits
  • Building Inspections

Design and Prevention

  • Recommendation and Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures
  • Awareness Training
  • Microbial Assessment and Hazard Identification


Hygiene Monitoring and ATP Testing
Hygiene control is critical during the coronavirus outbreak. Even though a surface may look clean,
microorganisms and other biological residues that are not visible to the human eye may be present. Measuring for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – which is found in living cells – has long been used in the medical and food industries to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning activities and help prevent the spread of viral contamination. TRC can instantly assess the cleanliness of various surfaces and indicate where immediate corrective action is needed. Our process minimizes the use of slower, labor intensive and expensive conventional testing methods. ATP testing can improve sanitation training, help optimize cleaning chemicals and equipment to maintain sanitation without waste and increase quality of work with less time spent on reactive cleaning. We perform cleaning and disinfection protocol peer review, contractor oversight and post-cleaning verification using both visual and ATP testing methods.

Cleaning Oversight and Management
In house cleaning crews are doing their best in these difficult times. But in the case of highly contagious pathogens, standard cleaning protocols are not enough. The best way to make sure surfaces are appropriately cleaned and safe for occupants is to utilize third party review and oversight to confirm the cleaning is effective and to implement cleaning procedures specifically tailored to adhere to CDC guidelines. Our team provides cleaning crew oversight, cleaning verification and develops and documents cleaning protocols in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations.

TRC OneView
TRC OneView is a powerful data collection, management and reporting tool to reduce the time needed to document data, analyze results and track progress of your efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Our cloud-based information management approach reduces paperwork and duplication of efforts to deliver reports quickly and accurately so corrective action can be taken immediately when necessary. We use mobile technology to capture photos and other data and leverage interactive tools for work planning and project management. Our flexible record-keeping database solutions and real-time access to project information supports trend evaluation and progress analysis.

Incident Command Systems
Across the US, TRC has helped a wide range of clients respond to emergency incidents with support for plan development and implementation, health and safety oversight, sampling and regulatory coordination. Our team is trained and experienced with the Incident Command System (ICS) component of the National Incident Management System and can operate efficiently within the ICS structure. TRC is well versed in client led implementation of the ICS system to large scale unified command structures involving multiple stakeholders and regulatory agencies. Our emergency response staff coordinates regularly to review lessons learned and best practices so we can provide high quality services and support our clients during an emergency.

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