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Colton, CA

Yard Facility Storm Water Improvement

TRC performed design and construction oversight services for storm water improvements that were needed at a Class 1 Railroad Yard facility in southern California as a result of excessive silt being transported to an off-site discharge point from existing materials storage areas and “Y” track drainage.

TRC performed the necessary investigation, calculations, and planning to complete a design that would serve to reduce silt transport and improve storm water runoff control. Based on our investigation, survey and the Client’s requirements, TRC prepared design plans to pave the existing soil material storage areas with permeable asphalt and improve drainage around the “Y” track. The design included silt filters at existing drop inlets, new drainage ditches, swales and silt fencing, and gravel roadways in non-storage areas. A new discharge basin was also designed to receive the drainage from the storage areas and “Y” track and further slow and reduce silt transport at the discharge point. TRC also coordinated the crossing of the basin discharge line with a pressurized fuel pipeline located only 18 inches below.

TRC prepared the needed specifications using the Client’s standard specifications, and worked with the Client’s Engineering Department to develop plans that were consistent with their standards. TRC also performed construction oversight and administrative services to process contractor submittals and to monitor storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) compliance and project progress.


Confidential – Class 1 Railroad

Project Location

Colton, CA

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