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At TRC, we are committed to supporting water and wastewater utilities by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions tailored to specific needs. Through cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, we aim to empower our local utilities to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable water and wastewater services to their communities, fostering a brighter and more resilient future for all. Our team of experts provides a host of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure services including design, testing, permitting, analytics, funding/grant assistance, asset management, construction management and inspection.



Our dedicated team specializes in identifying, evaluating, and securing funding opportunities for water infrastructure initiatives. We partner with municipalities, utilities, and private organizations to secure funding. With a deep understanding of grant programs, public-private partnerships, and financing options, TRC provides support to ensure that your projects receive the financial backing.


At TRC, our team of experts collaborates closely with both public and private clients, forging partnerships to guarantee the optimal performance of your assets. Whether it’s roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, or public buildings, we are dedicated to ensuring that these assets are not only efficiently utilized but also meticulously maintained. TRC employs industry-leading strategies and practices to enhance the longevity, functionality, and reliability of your investments


TRC, a leading expert in PFAS solutions, can identify the threats that these emerging contaminants pose to your drinking water supplies, and help prepare you for future PFAS driven regulatory changes. We’ll help you determine if there is PFAS in your water supplies, identify the source of PFAS, and provide you with a risk assessment and cost allocations plan for treatment. We can guide you through the challenging process of addressing PFAS contamination, especially under the prevailing regulatory and technical uncertainties, and deliver practical, cost-efficient and creative solutions for mitigating the business and environmental risks related to PFAS and other emerging contaminants.


TRC provides stormwater quality assurance services statewide, including compliance monitoring of construction, maintenance, and property management activities and facilities. Tasks comprise various observations and inspections to facility managers know whether stormwater management practices are being implemented as intended and to support efforts to evaluate, define, and revise those practices as necessary. TRC conducts independent quality assurance (IQA) reviews to monitor stormwater BMPs and administrative items for compliance Stormwater Management Plans and standard specifications.

TRC effectively provides the following consulting services:

  • Planning
  • Field services & Inspection
  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Operation & Consulting
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Permitting & easement acquisition
  • Bid Assistance & Contract Administration

Meet Your Team:

Brigette Welton, Proposal Manager

Brigette Welton has nearly 30 years of experience in marketing and communications with a demonstrated history of pursuit management, developing relationships and opportunities, client engagement, brand awareness, research, and data analysis. Working alongside the technical team, Brigette manages proposals for municipal RFPs and responds to partner data calls, collaborating with the team to achieve successful results.

Charlie Kreye, PE Regional Growth Leader, Mid-Atlantic

Charlie Kreye is a highly skilled project manager with a focus on site designs for commercial, institutional, and governmental projects. His proficiency includes site planning, drainage, sewer, and water system design, erosion control plans, and stormwater management facilities. Charlie is highly specialized in site design projects requiring complex designs and accelerated permitting and construction schedules.

Mike Haggerty, PE Program Manager

With close to 25 years of excellence in engineering design and management, Mike Haggerty specializes in water distribution and sewer collection system projects. He has extensive experience collaborating with local governments, particularly in pipeline design, condition assessment, and rehabilitation.

Bill Randall, PE Project Manager

Drawing on more than 30 years of professional experience in water and wastewater engineering, Bill Randall excels in water and wastewater system design, analysis, planning, development, and plant operation. He has a strong emphasis on wastewater treatment plant processes and design, complemented by expertise in plant operation, troubleshooting, permitting and regulatory negotiation, legal claim evaluation, and comprehensive planning and engineering reports.


Fairview Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant

King George, VA

TRC supported the design and permitting compliance required to relocate the existing outfall from the 200,000 gallon per day Fairview Beach WWTP. Survey, geotech, and design services were provided. The existing WWTP outfall had a blockage, and a temporary bypass line was constructed around the blockage. King George County desired to design and permit a permanent outfall to the current permitted discharge location. TRC designed a new outfall line into the Potomac River. All work was permitted through the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure regulatory compliance. Construction has been completed and the new outfall is fully functional

Regulatory Assistance Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Application

Prince George, VA

TRC was tasked by the County to prepare the Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Application for the Route 301 water system including development of demand projections, justification for the requested withdrawal amount, and submittal to the VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Additionally, we prepared a County-wide Water Conservation and Management Plan to satisfy DEQ permitting requirements.

City of Lynchburg Blue Ridge Farms

Lynchburg, VA

City contracted TRC to provide water and sewer design, surveying, a preliminary engineering report, waterline replacement, sanitary sewer replacement, stormwater drainage, and sewer improvements, the design of 2,100 LF of sidewalk, and preparation of up to 55 easement plats within the 190-acre subdivision. As part of the effort we provided survey and design, grading, and specifications of 2,100 LF of new sidewalks to improve pedestrian connectivity from an existing townhouse development to a city park. TRC provided field survey, capacity analysis, condition assessment, public safety analysis, and design services to this project. The final report included a summary of findings, evaluation matrix, and opinions of probable construction. The storm drainage improvements included a regenerative outfall, which provided pollutant removal reductions for the City’s Chesapeake Bay TMDL compliance.

James City County Grove Ave Stormwater Improvements

James City, VA

TRC completed a stormwater study for an approximate 200-acre residential area located near the southeastern portion of the County. The study area is largely residential, with a few included churches and commercial properties. Incremental development of this area over time did not include a formal stormwater management or drainage system, presenting both stormwater quantity and quality concerns. Specifically, many driveways, roadways, and properties within the study area are subjected to flooding and prolonged standing water, even during relatively small and frequent storm events. The study included field and data review, drainage delineations, drainage capacity assessment, limited topographic and subsurface utility engineering.

Town of Smithfield Annual Services

Town of Smithfield, VA

TRC has worked collaboratively with the Town of Smithfield since 2005 and has worked to understand the Town’s needs and protocols to help develop cost effective solutions to issues facing the Town. We have provided program management services to maintain regulatory compliance of the Smithfield Lake Dam, performed hydraulic analysis; updated inundation mapping; developed emergency action plans; and prepared alternatives analysis for upgrades to the dam. For the town’s master planning, TRC regularly reviews and updates the existing water and sewer models, develops demands projections for targeted growth areas and identifies recommended water and sewer upgrades.

Prince George County Annual Services Contract

Prince George, VA

Since 2019, TRC has provided as-needed engineering services related to the planning, design, and construction of various projects, one of which is the County’s asset management program implementation. Our staff implemented an asset management program that included developing an asset inventory, evaluating Computerized Maintenance Management Software packages, creating a risk-based condition assessment methodology, and developing a system status dashboard.

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