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Conducting a Successful Compliance Stack Test Program

January 28, 2021

Webinar Replay

Conducting a Successful Compliance Stack Test Program

Many facilities require air quality measurement testing programs to verify compliance with regulatory permits, assess new air pollution control equipment performance and certify the continuous emission monitoring (CEM) equipment associated with the production processes. Proper, accurate, efficient and timely execution of compliance test programs reduces costs while providing defensible data that are representative of source emissions.

In the absence of proper planning, important details can be overlooked, resulting in last minute changes that are costly with the potential to delay the test program. Proper planning, coupled with informed oversight, ensures the test program is performed successfully, in full accordance with appropriate methods and agency coordination and supported by the full complement of required measurement and process data.

This webinar, tailored to meet the needs of facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin, shares best practices and outlines key considerations to equip participants with the skills to manage air quality measurement programs that achieve technically-sound results and fully support the compliance and operational objectives of all types of facilities.

Topics discussed by TRC’s Dan Grabowski and Doug Ryan include:

  • A systematic approach to stack test planning and oversight
  • General notification and reporting requirements
  • EPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT)
  • Update on EPA’s Stationary Source Audit Program (SSAP)

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