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TRC Talks are short-form video interviews with TRC experts about technology, solutions and strategies for battling our customers’ most timely and pressing business challenges. Nothing formal – just 5-10 minute Zoom-recorded chats to watch whenever is most convenient for you.

Attaching Telecommunications Fiber in the Supply Space

Today’s utility and communications infrastructure is being challenged to support a growing demand for automation, broadband and 5G network services. Our experts discuss the contractual, engineering and safety considerations of attaching fiber in the supply space.

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Integrated Solutions for Renewable Energy

TRC draws on a range of in-house knowledge bases to streamline the engineering and design processes and deliver optimized site plans and more efficient project development.

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Renewable Energy Development

Renewable energy developers face a dynamic and competitive market. While opportunities abound, bringing projects online to meet demand comes with challenges. In this episode, our experts discuss how TRC’s fully integrated renewables delivery platform helps move projects from concept to operation, faster and more efficiently.

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Transforming Utility Engineering With Digital Data Management

LineHub™ is a groundbreaking solution that brings data together from across a utility, providing a holistic view of the entire grid. TRC’s experts discuss the platform’s core capabilities and benefits for engineers, asset managers and IT professionals, including a robust user interface and unique data visualization technology.

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Working from Home: The IT Perspective

Months into a work-from-home journey no one was anticipating, many IT departments have had to quickly shift priorities and gear up to support an entirely remote workforce. From enabling remote collaboration to combating a massive increase in phishing attempts, TRC IT discusses details organizations should consider.

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Air Testing for the Virus that Causes COVID-19

TRC has developed the first commercially available air test to specifically detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Sensor-based, Real-Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Companies are rethinking facility management approaches to industrial hygiene and health and safety practices in the wake of COVID-19.

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Creating Resilient Sites in the face of COVID-19

Resiliency is the ability for an organization, team or individual to overcome a challenge and thrive. Over the past months many of our challenges have been related to COVID-19.

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