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TRC Talks – Creating Resilient Sites in the face of COVID-19


Resiliency is the ability for an organization, team or individual to overcome a challenge and thrive. Over the past months many of our challenges have been related to COVID-19. TRC has the experts to design, build and maintain protocols to assure your site or facility is truly a resilient site that can reopen, stay open and operate as safely as possible.

For our special four-part series on Resilient Sites, we interview two of TRC’s top experts in the field of building and maintaining Resilient sites, Parker Meeks, President, Infrastructure Sector and Mike Glenn, Senior Vice President and National Safety Director.

TRC’s Approach to Health & Safety during COVID-19

Safety is one of TRC’s core values and that value has been further realized with COVID-19. Not only has TRC’s emphasis on safety helped guide our employees it has also translated to helping our customers during this time.

Understanding Risks and Designing a Plan

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to approaching safety now with COVID-19 front and center. Learn about some of the ways TRC is helping clients understand and prioritize their risks and devise a plan to manage them.

Using Technology to Advance Safety Measures

There can be a lot of data to track when it comes to enacting safety-first protocols. How can companies keep track of all this data? With some clients managing multiple sites or multiple contractors within one site, that can make things even more complex to monitor and track. Learn how to address these complex situations.

Establishing a Culture of Safety

We’ve discussed a lot of the processes and technology behind creating a safe workplace… but what about the people? Culture change imagine can be hard for companies. We address some of the challenges, strategies and best ways for organizations to communicate these safety-first messages to their employee base.

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