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New York City, NY

Reconstruction of Frederick Douglass Circle

TRC provided Resident Engineering Inspection services for this $25 million project which involved the reconstruction of Frederick Douglass Circle, Cathedral Parkway between Frederick Douglass Circle and Columbus Avenue, and Manhattan Avenue from Cathedral Parkway to West 120th Street. The project area is located in upper Manhattan where Cathedral Parkway is part of the corridor that leads to the Gateway to Harlem (Malcolm X Boulevard and 110th Street).

NY Prize Community Microgrid Feasibility Studies

Reconstruction of Frederick Douglass Circle

The construction work that was inspected by our staff included the installation of a 48” trunk main, 20” and 12” distribution water mains, and 24”, 15” and 12” sewer lines; heritage and standard traffic signal and street lighting; granite curbing; sidewalks; roadway reconstruction; and tree removal, pruning, and planting. The project also involved the completion of renovations to private utility facilities.

A unique aspect of the project encompassed the construction of an urban plaza at the northeast corner of Central Park to house a statue dedicated to Frederick Douglass, along with the installation of a fountain and constellation wall.

TRC provided a field staff that included a Resident Engineer, six Construction Inspectors, and a Community Construction Liaison.

Due to the project’s heavily congested urban location, successful communication and coordination with the public was critical to convey the various periodic restrictions that were placed into effect over the course of the 5-year construction duration with regard to vehicle access, water service, parking, and public transportation. Pedestrian access was maintained at all times.

New York City Department of Design and Construction

Project Location
Borough of Manhattan, NYC, NY

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