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BART's Transbay Corridor Core Capacity Program "Big 3"

BART has prioritized three interrelated capital investment initiatives to ensure the system can safely, efficiently, and comfortably serve current and new riders. The “Big 3” projects are the Fleet of the Future, Communications-based Train Control System to enable trains to operate more frequently and the Hayward Maintenance Yard, to maintain and store the expanded fleet. The “Big 3” together can address some key current bottlenecks that hinder BART’s ability to meet current and future ridership growth.


Hayward Maintenance Complex Phases 1 & 2

The $991 million Hayward Maintenance Complex (HMC) project will expand and modernize the existing Hayward maintenance yard to accommodate future system demands, and to provide additional storage tracks for 250 vehicles on adjacent, undeveloped BART property. The overall project is comprised of four separate contracts on the 29-acre site: demolition of two warehouses; access road construction; civil sitework, electrical and trackwork, and system modifications including a sound wall to mitigate operational noise to the adjacent residential areas; and construction of a new Component Repair Shop, and renovation of the existing Hayward Main Shop.

HMC Phase 1 includes $200M for the acquisition and use of four warehouses outside of the current west boundary of the yard, demolition and construction of a new 32,000sf warehouse. Phase 1 also enlarged the vehicle inspection area and additional connecting track, track crossovers, and switches. HMC Phase 2 includes the $791 million construction of the multiple yard facilities, civil site work, electrical and trackwork, car wash, inspection pits, sound walls, and other yard improvements.

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