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I-5 HOV Lane Improvement Planning

Plans, Specifications and Estimates on Expedited Schedule


Los Angeles Metro’s $750 million project for new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes along the I-5 in both directions from SR-14 in Santa Clarita to Parker Road in Castaic required efficient, expedited planning for successful completion. In addition to the design of HOV lanes in each direction, the project included improvements such as auxiliary lanes at various locations, the extension of the northbound truck lane from the Weldon Canyon overcrossing to Calgrove Boulevard, the extension the southbound truck lane from Calgrove Boulevard to Pico Canyon Road/Lyons Avenue, the extension of two southbound truck lanes from Weldon Canyon to Calgrove Boulevard and the widening of eight bridges alone the 14-mile corridor. Design plans that accommodated the heavy truck traffic through certain areas were essential.


TRC prepared the Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for the HOV lanes, pavement delineation, and roadside signs and provided design support during construction. The PS&E and design included high-occupancy vehicle sign structures and panels at each ingress and egress location as well as static barrier-mounted guide signs installed to direct motorists to the high-occupancy vehicle lane exits. It was imperative that traffic in the corridor remain open and improvements were made to limit impacts on the traveling public.


In close coordination with Caltrans District 7, Los Angeles County, and the City of Santa Clarita, our team swiftly delivered the PS&E for new pavement, upgraded shoulders, and other improvements that were part of Metro’s Measure R program, and a larger system of improvements planned for the I-5 in North Los Angeles County to help improve HOV lane connectivity throughout the county.

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