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Coalfields Expressway: West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH)

WV 16 I/C at Indian Creek to Mullens, Wyoming and McDowell Counties


TRC was hired by the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) as the Prime consultant to complete a Preliminary Investigation Engineering (PIE) Study for completion of the remaining 47 miles of the Coalfield Expressway Corridor from Mullens in Wyoming County to the WV/VA State Line in McDowell County. The first phase of the project involved the development of a financial plan for the Corridor and an evaluation of the use of Coal Synergy (placing the alignment along coal seams) to reduce overall project costs. The project is currently in its second phase, which involves alignment development, preliminary design, and environmental re-evaluation for a 15-mile section of the Corridor from the WV 16 Interchange at Indian Creek to Mullens in Wyoming County. TRC has recently been asked to prepare final contract plans for the section of the corridor from Pineville to Mullens, including a 3-mile connector into Twin Falls State Park.


TRC’s associated work consists of roadway and drainage design; Right of Way plan development; span arrangements for five bridges; a preliminary geotechnical evaluation and investigation (drilling and testing); NPDES permit development for drilling; development of a RUSLE2 model for sediment evaluation; coordination with federal and state agencies, various coal lessees, and subconsultants; and reevaluation of the NEPA document that was previously prepared for the project area.


Once completed The Coalfields Expressway project is expected to promote economic development opportunities throughout the region by providing a safe, efficient and modern multi-lane expressway, with partial control of access, connecting I-64/I-77 (the WV Turnpike) at Beckley, West Virginia (WV), and US 23 at Slate, Virginia (VA).

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