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Swamp Rabbit Trail Extension Greenville, SC Greenville County

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions

As part of the Rabbit Trail extension masterplan, TRC was commissioned by the County of Greenville to provide an assessment and schematic design of new active transportation options including elevated pedestrian crossings new bridges and the conversion of existing railroad bridges into pedestrian bridges. The project goals were to link the City of Mauldin to Downtown Greenville to increase community connectivity and promote economic activity with an emphasis on sustainable engineering and design methods.

Several locations for increased connectivity and safer crossing were identified by TRC’s assessment. Among those, five were bridges proposed to create more reliable and enjoyable active transportation. Two of the decks were upgrades to existing bridges, and three were new bridges. The new bridges were strategically planned to provide safe crossing and increase connectivity within neighborhoods on both sides.

Each crossing was assessed with consideration of utility conflicts, subsurface conditions, environmental and right-of-way impacts, traffic and safety concerns, estimated construction costs, and the needs of the pedestrian and bicycle user.

A key sustainability feature recommended by TRC was the use of modular prefabricated bridge elements and systems which reduced construction budget, increased workers safety, and accelerated construction. The materials used were both recycled and supported sustainable procurement practices.

The extension, comprised of 4.5 miles of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly trail, now connects dense urban areas in downtown Greenville to Mauldin, expands mobility, provides access to green space and increases opportunities for economic development. Abandoned community rail infrastructure was sustainably upgraded in the reconversion of two existing rail bridges to pedestrian bridges while a significant reduction in GHG emissions was achieved from reusing stockpiled fillings and providing access to alternative modes of active transportation. The project outcome and benefits are in alignment with local, regional, and global climate action goals

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