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Download White Paper: 2018 Feasibility Assessment for Drayage Trucks

Evaluating the feasibility of zero and low-emission drayage trucks to support San Pedro Bay Ports

As required under the San Pedro Bay Ports 2017 Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) Update, this report provides a 2018 Feasibility Assessment for Drayage Trucks, characterizing the overall feasibility of zero-emission (ZE) and near-zero emission (NZE) Class 8 trucks of various leading fuel-technology platforms to perform drayage service at the San Pedro Bay Ports. The timeline of this Assessment is 2018 to 2021. 

For purposes of this Assessment, feasibility refers to the ability of alternative fuel/technology drayage trucks to provide similar or better overall performance and achievement compared to today’s baseline diesel drayage trucks when broadly used for all types of drayage service. The following five key parameters were applied to qualitatively and collectively assess overall feasibility. 

  • Commercial Availability 
  • Technical Viability 
  • Infrastructure Feasibility 
  • Availability of Infrastructure and Fuel 
  • Economic Workability (Key Economic Considerations and Issues) 

Five core ZE or NZE fuel-technology platforms were initially screened for this Assessment: 

  • ZE Battery electric or direct-grid electric 
  • ZE Hydrogen fuel cell electric 
  • NZE Advanced diesel internal combustion engine (ICE) 
  • NZE Advanced natural gas (or propane) ICE 
  • NZE Hybrid-electric (electric drive hybridized with an ICE using any fuel; may incorporate grid electricity) 
Download the 2018 Feasibility Assessment for 

Drayage Trucks White Paper

Publish Date: April 2019

Client: Port of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles 

This white paper was authored by GNA, which is now TRC’s clean transportation solutions team. 


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