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Warner’s Pond Public Access Improvements

Recreational Improvements

Since the late 1890s, Warner’s Pond has been a significant Town natural resource and popular recreation area. Its ecosystem has provided habitat for numerous species of aquatic plants and animals. However, since at least the 1980s, the pond has undergone eutrophication (a process where waterbodies receiving excessive nutrients experience excessive plant growth) and sediment deposition, leading to a decreased use by canoeists, kayakers, and fishermen, as well as diminished ecological value from the establishment of several non-native invasive plants, Exotic, invasive species of plants dominate the pond today, and open water areas are dwindling, Sediments have increased so that some areas are impassable by kayakers and canoeists.

For the Town of Concord, TRC completed the design and permitting phases of a long-term project with the Town to improve recreational opportunities at Warner’s Pond.


  • The project included improvements to the primary public access point on Commonwealth Avenue as well as targeted hydraulic dredging of up to 37,000 cubic yards of sediment.
  • The public access improvements include redesigning and paving the access driveway and parking lot, stormwater improvements, and formalizing a car-top vessel access point (boat launch).
  • TRC completed permit-level design plans for these recreational improvements, prepared and filed an ENF for the project under MEPA, and facilitated issuance of the Secretary’s Certificate for the project, setting the stage for the next phase of project permitting for wetland impacts at the local level and the 401/404 permitting at the state and federal levels.
  • Recommendations by TRC have also included integrated in-pond, shoreline, and watershed management actions and also addressed recreational usage of Town-owned lands to minimize inputs of sediment and nutrients.

The watershed management plan was presented at two public meetings. The recommendations are now being implemented.

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