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Van Wyck Expressway Capacity Improvements – Contract 1

RC driving quality for a portion of $1.2 billion effort to improve access to JFK Airport.

This $350M Design-Build segment of an overall $1.2B capacity improvement effort addresses operational, geometric, and structural deficiencies on the on the heavily-traveled Van Wyck Expressway (VWE) [I-678] in Queens between the Kew Gardens Interchange (KGI) and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Under Contract 1, nine (9) overpass bridges between Hillside Avenue and 133rd Avenue are being modified and reconstructed to allow room for the future construction of one additional HOV lane on the VWE in each direction. In addition, this contract also includes relocation of the NB VWE exit ramp to Linden Boulevard and the SB VWE exit ramp to the WB Belt Parkway.

TRC is providing Construction Quality Assurance Services on behalf of the NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to proactively ensure that the work of the Design-Build (D-B) firm conforms to the provisions of the contract documents. Responsibilities include conducting audits and inspections, as necessary, to determine whether the D-B firm is following the defined processes, whether the Contract requirements have been met, and to communicate instances of non-compliance. Role includes verifying that the D-B firm’s Quality Control Plan is being adhered to, that the Design-Build RFP requirements are met and that all standards are adhered to including NYSDOT Design Build Section 112 Construction QC/QA Inspection.

Services being performed in our QA capacity include:

  • Detailed inspections.
  • On-site field testing of materials and other construction activities as necessary, including collection of data necessary to audit monthly/final estimates and progress reports.
  • Verification of As-Built Plans.
  • Spot checking of the D-B firm’s CI subconsultant for conformance with the Contract documents, including their QC plan.

All records are kept in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK). TRC has additionally implemented a QA plan for the Construction Phase based on the Design Builder’s QC plan.

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