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West Virginia

Calendar Year Sampling, Inspection, and Non-Destructive Testing of Materials for Highway and Bridge Construction

TRC provides steel and concrete QA specialists as key component of West Virginia’s overall commitment to achieving the highest quality in its infrastructure program.

TRC has managed three different multi-year contract terms since the beginning of 2008 with services involving the sampling, inspection and non-destructive testing of both concrete- and steel–related materials to be incorporated into highway and bridges throughout the state of West Virginia.

With respect to the concrete work, TRC is responsible for the provision of quality assurance inspection and testing services at precast and prestressed concrete fabrication plants supplying concrete products to WVDOH projects. Plants which we have staffed to date are located in Delaware, Virginia, and Indiana. Typical duties of our Inspectors include ensuring adherence to plant QA/QC programs, observation of production methods in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications, materials sampling and testing verification, equipment calibration, product storage and shipping procedures. TRC has also performed various approved materials sampling across the Northeast United States under this agreement. Types of precast /prestressed concrete productsthat have been inspected under this contract include, but are not limited to, prestressed bridge beams, precast box beams, soundwall, box culverts, median barrier, and Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) pipe.

With respect to the steel fabrication shop inspections that are performed under this contract, our staff have performed QA shop fabrication inspections of welded girders, miscellaneous cross frames and channels, modular expansion joints, flat and extruded sign panels, bridge plate girders, rolled beams, curved girders, welded structural beams, reinforcing bars, bridge bearing pads, Fracture Critical Members, and DMS cantilevered sign structures. Inspections have included visual, dimensional, fit-up and preparation, paint coatings, and lettering size and configuration, along with a variety of non-destructive testing (visual CWI inspection; ultrasonic flaw detection of welded assemblies; magnetic particle; liquid penetrant; portable hardness evaluation), and NACE/SSPC shop and field coatings inspection. Some examples of the shop locations that we have been responsible for staffing under this contract are Watson Bowman Acme (Amherst, NY), Hirschfield Steel (Colfax, NC / Bristol, VA), Williams Bridge (Manassas, VA), Tennessee Galvanizing (Jasper, TN), Delong’s, Inc. (Sedalia, MO),and Dynamic Steel Structures (Proctor, MN).

Inspectors that are assigned under this contract are required to maintain active certification from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), the American Welding Society (CWI), the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) and NACE International (Coatings).


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