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Central and Northern California

California Multi-Family New Homes

The California Multifamily New Homes (CMFNH) Program offers incentives and assistance to multifamily developers, energy consultants, home energy raters and design teams to help them exceed California Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) building code. Success is measured by building performance which: a) exceeds code by at least 15%, or b) achieves a HERS score of 84 or lower. Ultimately, the CMFNH Program contributes to California’s challenging Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals.

TRC manages the turn-key CMFNH Program, from outreach and participant recruitment to design assistance, quality control, plan review, construction, verification and incentive payments. TRC experts help developers and trade allies (i.e., energy consultants and HERS Raters) develop energy efficiency design expertise by providing them with technical support, design assistance, building simulation training, educational webinars and program coordination with other green and renewable programs.  We also invest in continuous process improvements to reduce program administration costs.

Since 2006, TRC has achieved the following results through the CMFNH Program:

  • Technical support for 23% of the region’s multifamily new construction stakeholders (e.g., architects, developers, energy consultants, HERS raters)
  • Enrollment of more than 19,000 dwelling units or 280 properties
  • Reach to 3,000 participants each month via training and communications
  • Projects exceeding Title 24 code by average of 26%
  • Consistent achievement of enrollment and energy savings goals
  • Program benefit-cost ratio of 1.53, making CMFNH the most cost-effective residential program in PG&E’s portfolio

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Central and Northern California

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