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Nashville Electric Service Small Cell Antenna Attachment Requests

As a trusted partner to Nashville Electric Service (NES), TRC’s telecommunications team continues to support their small cell antenna applications with solutions including process development, active collaboration and antenna installation. Our team has been involved in all phases of the attachment process including walkouts, identifying the ideal structure, designing the power source, data collection, pole loading analysis, engineering, work orders, estimates, and construction oversight.

We also coordinate with third party Attachers and utilities to manage workloads and timelines with quality and efficiency. Our goal is to help NES fulfil small cell antenna attachment requests as smoothly as possible. To get the process started on the right path, we begin by reviewing the construction drawings of each applicant and working with the them to compile all the documentation and information that NES requires. We track the status of each applications throughout the entire process and communicates with both NES and the applicant regularly. While determining the viability of antenna placement is a critical step, TRC and NES work together to advance this phase quickly. In some locations, a field meeting (or walkout) is required. For other locations, preliminary design emails. suffice and asset feasibility can be determined speedily. Once the location is finalized and the engineering is complete, TRC generates all the construction notices that NES requires to both bring the pole location up to the required structural and clearance requirements as well as serve power to the antenna.

After construction, TRC performs post construction inspections (PCI) to ensure all work has been completed and all specifications are met. These extra steps allow all involved parties to feel confident that their assets are in good working order.

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