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Excelling in all electrical and power services.

TRC’s Liverpool office offers extensive services and advice concerning transmission and power delivery. TRC also helps clients solve their challenges in various industries, such as power & utilities, oil & gas, transportation, real estate, water and government. With decades of experience, our experts strive to help every client operate effectively in complex industries and regulatory environments. 

TRC’s Liverpool, NY office offers expert advice, consulting and construction concerning electrical engineering, transmission engineering, power delivery and distribution engineering.

Our Services

TRC offers a wide range of services for private and public sector partners in Liverpool, New York. Our offerings aim to reduce costs, ensure compliance and manage complex, multifaceted projects. Explore our services below.

Electric Utilities

TRC has over 50 years of experience partnering with electric utility companies nationwide. In a complex industry where staffing resources are scarce, we’re capable of helping electric utilities meet the market’s new demand and the challenges that come with it.

Our experts understand how to plan, design, engineer, construct and operate successful systems in a dynamic regulatory landscape. Our engineers understand the standards and preferences to facilitate projects from start-up to execution.

As a full-service solution, TRC can help with any scope of electric utility consulting in Liverpool, New York.

Gas Utilities

TRC’s integrated gas utility services are uniquely capable of addressing the entire lifecycle of a project from conceptualization to construction, operations, and maintenance. Our gas utility consulting services in Liverpool, New York, cover every aspect of a project, whether you’re looking for feasibility studies during the engineering and design phase or exploring security needs by conducting an assessment to meet best practices and regulatory requirements better. We can either send a team to assist temporarily or equip clients with a dedicated cohort of on-site experts. We support every step of the process, including land acquisition, surveying, pipeline design and routing, management consulting, corrosion mitigation, etc.

Transmission Engineering

TRC transmission engineering services improve the operations and resiliency of your systems. Our team understands the technical and financial barriers, including land acquisition, permitting and engineering, and construction management. We have decades of experience finding solutions to the most complex problems with knowledge of the local requirements and sensitivities of Liverpool, NY. TRC uses the most up-to-date technology, creating groundbreaking solutions that bring data together across a utility. 

Pipeline Integrity

TRC’s full-service integrity management team is geared toward ensuring pipeline integrity for New York’s and the rest of the nation’s most critical energy systems. Our experts go above the standard pipeline integrity solutions to develop tailored strategies for your project while staying within budget. We offer program development, data validation, risk analysis, corrosion evaluation, integrity engineering, and integrity field services.

Power Engineering

TRC is here to ensure you have the expertise you need when bringing systems online, relocating facilities, managing pole attachments, making ready and access, and inspecting and inventorying distribution assets. Our Electrical and Power Engineering services extend to Distribution systems and Substations throughout Liverpool, New York.

TRC assists during design, commissioning and every step in between. Our experts are here to engineer a distribution system or substation that works according to customers’ needs while operating within all relevant regulations. TRC is the nation’s and Liverpool’s reliable source for effectively planning and executing power engineering plan.

Planning and Permitting

TRC has experience in developing plans that consider the full scope and intricacies of a project and how it will become a reality while obtaining stakeholder engagement. TRC has decades of experience in planning a project from start to finish, from routing & siting to conceptual studies. We use the latest technology to execute studies, assessments and surveys that enable us to create tailored plans for our partners. Whether you’re building roadways and bridges or transmission lines to solar farms, our team can assess the project’s feasibility and manage the intricacies of planning and permitting.


At TRC, we collaborate with clients, project teams and technical specialists to fully utilize our  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to solve problems and make decisions. Our GIS systems help us capture, analyze and present data as we design, permit and construct projects. From linear route planning to real-time field data collection and the development of engaging infographics and much more, our GIS offerings take projects to the next level.

Our Projects

TRC works on projects across the United States and has the means to embrace any job in Liverpool, New York. Our ongoing work with Columbia Pipeline Group keeps costs low while managing assets and risks. You can view our projects for more examples of how we benefit organizations like yours.



Our more than 6,000 consulting, construction, engineering and management services professionals serve a broad range of public and private clients, guiding complex projects from conception to completion to help solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

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