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TRC is a global firm providing environmentally focused and digitally powered solutions that address local needs.

TRC is a leader in delivering professional services and helping the public, private, and government projects in all sectors implement effective strategies. We help clients in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, solve their challenges in various industries, such as power & utilities, oil & gas, transportation, real estate, water and government. Our team assists partners in reducing costs, ensuring compliance, improving efficiency and elevating their ability to satisfy customers. 

Professional Services for Lancaster’s Businesses

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges. The projects that succeed find reliable and innovative ways to solve problems. TRC is a professional services company ready to help companies across the nation from their office in Lancaster, navigating everything from project planning to site construction and facility operations. Explore TRC’s services for businesses, municipalities, utilities and other organizations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Electric Utilities Consulting

TRC offers services for electric utilities from their office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that help navigate complex challenges faced during operations and management. We’ve spent more than 50 years partnering with major utility companies nationwide and have experience implementing design, surveying, permitting, testing and commissioning. Our experts and engineers can assess technical and regulatory challenges that come into play when managing or updating a system and preparing for the future of the grid. We’ll use our experience to recommend the best path forward and help see the plans through. 

Power Testing and Commissioning Services

The most reliable power systems undergo extensive testing and commissioning procedures that ensure the system is fit to meet demand. Our experts are available to provide testing and commissioning services to confirm the project meets all necessary specifications. With extensive experience and training, TRC’s team is an expert in ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the planning and testing process. TRC’s power testing and commissioning services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, range from equipment and systems startup and commissioning to analysis, troubleshooting, outage planning, training program development, and more.

Power Engineering

TRC’s expert engineers have worked on power engineering projects nationwide. We will partner with your team to assess and improve your operations. Our power engineering teams are available to bring blueprints to life when building a new system or updating current infrastructure. We engineer integrated and automated substations, transmission line extensions, distribution systems, and other elements that help businesses deliver reliable, safe services to their customers. You can see our extensive portfolio of electric and power services which allow TRC to deliver end-to-end services. Whether providing our assistance as full-time partners or as a temporary crew to expedite engineering processes, TRC is here to lend our expertise with power engineering services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Our Projects

TRC has assisted dozens of clients nationwide and is always eager to embrace new projects. Our experts have provided relevant services to organizations in various industries.

In one case, our engineers worked with FirstLight Power Resources to replace an entire plant’s protective relay equipment with a modern infrastructure that was more flexible, reliable and secure. 
On a turnkey project, our Testing and Commissioning services helped complete the Public Service of New Hampshire’s Tasker Farm Substation

In 2021, our consultants provided an efficiency program that helped the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York earn a Star of Energy Efficiency Award from the Alliance to Save Energy. 

Get Started With TRC

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Our more than 6,000 consulting, construction, engineering and management services professionals serve a broad range of public and private clients, guiding complex projects from conception to completion to help solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

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