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Matthew Christie
Director – Energy Efficiency, Electrification, and Decarbonization

Moving the Market to Net Zero

Matthew Christie is a Director of Energy Efficiency, Electrification, and Decarbonization at TRC.  For over a decade, Matthew has worked with clients on advancing the residential building sector towards net-zero, all-electric construction. His work includes designing and implementing residential new construction utility incentive programs, supporting code-readiness initiatives, engaging with heat pump manufacturers, distributors, and contractors, and developing training and education tools.

Technology is key to making buildings more efficient and carbon-free – but even more important is workforce development, incentives, and customer acceptance. This market-based approach is how we’re accelerating widespread adoption and acceptance of energy efficient technology.

Matthew Christie

Director, Energy Efficiency at TRC

Matthew’s work in this space spans new construction, retrofit, multifamily, and single-family markets. In his 12+ years with TRC, Matthew has worked with a diverse mix of clients in California, Oregon, New York, and across the country, driving the future of residential home construction and retrofit norms. His most recent projects focus on advancing electrification by developing heat pump quality specifications, conducting code-advancement research, designing contractor trainings, supporting new fuel switching savings claim methodologies, and updating key performance indicators for residential programs.

Matthew is a former Chair of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC). He was the primary designer of California’s Advanced Homes Program for both the 2013 and 2016 Title 24 Energy Codes. Now based in Vermont, Matthew and his family are avid users of low-carbon home appliances including cold climate heat pumps and induction electric stoves.

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