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City of Hallettsville, TX

Voskamp Lift Station Rehab

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TRC was hired by the City of Hallettsville to perform construction management services in the rehabilitation of the Voskapmp lift station with work scope including the construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station with wet well, submersible pumps, valve vault, fittings, valves, a new electrical panel platform, stairs, grading, electrical panels, and site improvements including gravel access road and chain link site security fence. Additional work included the construction of an electrical panel platform with all required electrical equipment, including conduit, wiring, grounding, instrumentation, lighting, and testing of electrical equipment.

Challenges: During an exploratory excavation to determine the location of existing storm sewers, the contractor encountered an unknown 12” clay sewer main in the vicinity of the Lift station.

TRC Solutions: TRC worked with the contractor to install additional piping to avoid this sewer main and modify an abandoned manhole to put back in service.

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