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Southeast Wisconsin

Comprehensive Services for New Landfill and Multiple Expansions

TRC provided a full range of services for all aspects of the initial landfill through three expansions.

The client originally needed to develop a 35-acre, 3,550,000-cubic yard municipal solid waste and nonhazardous industrial waste landfill with an expected life of up to 12 years. The client’s success in the marketplace reduced the landfill’s site life to 6 years, however, and prompted the client to pursue three horizontal and vertical expansions for approximately 116 acres of contiguous horizontal and vertical expansions with capacity for 21,100,000 cubic yards.

TRC provided a full range of services for all aspects of the initial landfill through three expansions. The designs included a composite liner system with a leachate and gas collection system. The reports incorporated design alternatives to minimize impacts to wetlands. Services have included:

  • Landfill design and permitting, including site and feasibility reports; needs analyses; fast-track plans of operation, including regulatory and procedural requirements, engineering design concepts, site construction, site operations and site closure and long-term care; and regulatory liaison and expert testimony on proposed geologic investigations, site designs and operation procedures and wetland analysis and restoration plan
  • Landfill construction and operations assistance, including fast-track construction engineering, groundwater data management and analysis, existing site performance evaluation, public relations assistance, noise monitoring assistance and air permitting

The client and TRC have worked closely together over the years to meet the ever-growing demand for landfill space at this site. Benefits have included:

  • Expertise in all aspects of landfill design and construction
  • Technical support for contested case hearings during feasibility studies
  • Noise monitoring plan to support local negotiations and public relations activities
  • Multiple fast-track engineering and graphics support for public relations and local agency negotiations
  • Technical educational meeting with the Wisconsin DNR and the public on pipe strength evaluations and construction near wetlands
  • Air permit assistance for expansion construction and operation activities
  • Incorporation of sophisticated surface water designs to appropriately balance conditions and provide environmental protection to existing wetlands and water systems


Advanced Disposal Services (formerly Veolia ES)

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Southeast Wisconsin

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